December 9, 2010

Rest In Peace!

Die is not the way can solve the problem~

I just saw it in Facebook that he already die because he damn love his lover!
because of that, he already gone.
not in this world anymore.

Picture 1 
Alviss Kong! 
Even I dont know who are you.
Please, Rest In Peace~ 
god always bless you! that all i could tell you.

Picture 2 
if I saw boy crying, i sure will sad and cry! 
I dont know why! :(

I got feel wanna go die too, even now I also wanna go die...
I feel scare.
I dont want to feel endure anymore.
actually die is good way for me wont feel endure or suffer.

I just can tell you.
dont think stupid think anymore guy!
still got way to solve it...
and life is special to you all actually.

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