December 16, 2010

My new hair~ ♥

haha... on 13.12.2010
is my last day exam because of last day SPM, my IC already lost.
My Godness~ haiz..
until now also havent go Police Station... work also havent find work.

Let Talk Picture~

Picture 1 
just we two yellow hair in exam hair... haha
become act as japanese girl

Picutre 2 
taking a picture 1st, while she make up

Picture 3 
look~ she make up! haha
just we two are yellow hair in school

Picture 4 
taking picture with her now! xD

Picture 5 
dont know where she looking... ><

Picutre 6 
then we didnt take paper 2..
cause my ic lost, no mood to take exam... haiz~
then we go my friends house, Reachel Wong!
we become "sohai" over there and sleep... haha

Picture 7 
she look like Old Ladies!
because she mature

Picture 8 
I love my new hair... xD

Picture 9 

Picture 10 

Picture 11 

Picture 12 

Picture 13 

nothing special... 

now finding work...
may be will work at Cheras or Pavilion there
work as Slimming Beauty! :)

Good Afternoon~ 
and Have a nice day ya~ 

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