February 28, 2010

27.02.2010 is my friend birthday! ♥

Today is 27.02.2010
today is Evon birthday!
i don't today is Evon birthday cause she didnt told me!
and also didnt invite me her birthday party!
when she go Juan house, then only i know that today is her birthday!!
"Evon, i'm so sorry lol coz i dun knw 2day is ur birthday!
i hope u dun mind lel, next year i will remenber your birthday!
hehe~~ muackss~~~ XD"

in the midnight is 28.02.2010 and turn Juan birthday already!
she have a good news and bad news!!
the good news is she already 17 years old...
and the bad news is she already old 1 years!
hehe... XD
"Wei Juan, Happy Birthday lol!! muackss~~
i hope you happy always lol... and hope ur dream cum true!
and sory for no present for u! coz i sick adi lol so i dun have time goin out buy 4 u...
always miss u ... XD!!"

BuB-bye____!!! have a sweet dream o~ XD
Good Night Everyone!

February 27, 2010

because of you, i had a lot memories of you

did you know, i been love you millions time ever we break so many time?
you make me sad, you make me cry
you make me angry, you make me happy
you make me jealous, you make me misses you
but why i love so much? why?
i have a lot sweet memories of you, that what you done to me!
i very thanks to you! you had make me love you so much!
no one can replace you, i think!
but now_____!
i think it's over! i don't know why!
may be i found some one i love!
but i don't know who is he! i just look him from far away
he job just like you, work as hair design.
i very scare to know him, like last time i had done to you too
but i can't replace him to you! because you are the one i love so much
ever we already break...
i think if i dare to know him, i think i can happy like last time!

if we saw each other again, i hope we can make like last time
i hope you happy always...
take good care your healty lol, in korean so cold...
i will been miss you! and i will support you always lol~ (n.n)
Love you^^! Bub-bye!

February 26, 2010

Not Feeling Well

on Chinese New Year, i was in P.Pinang
with my Parent and my Cousin in my grandma house!
walao~ damn hot in Pinang until i can't stand...
just like burning pig!
and then, some more went out with those my family, my cousin & my grandmother
the things is i very scare my skin will be dark soon!
lucky still okay~ after that we going back from shopping or somewhere else,
we will on the air-coond 1st
my grandmother house got air-coond, each room got air-coond
hold house also on the air-coond... XD
got 4 air-coond also on all and the fan too!

after that i going back to K.L from Pinang
i feel a little bit dizzy already and then i also drink less water too~
"Oh, My God"
on Sunday, 21.2.2010 is for chinese pray,
from start on i feel damn tired and headache!
and i in my cousin house, cant go back home and sleep!
still midnight 1 o'clock something then only can go home~~~~ T.T
i tell to father i said i was headache, so i don't want going to school!
my father did not let me stay home, ask me go school and study
cause this year i taking SPM exam! haiz~~~ (*n*)
but i didnt realize that i high fever
feel like wanna vomit~ and damn headache
dizzy here dizzy there~
i sick because for whether are so hot and drink less water
but, now got little bit dizzy and my neck pain
cant talk already, can talk but jam jam cant speak out!! haiz~~
and yesterday i just eat once and today i also eat once!
i'm not diet... because dont have mood or not feeling well to eat!!
Lucky today is public holiday, damn best!
because i already no mood to study... XD
sick + school = i going to die soon
(*n*)~~~~ S.A.D lol!!

February 10, 2010

11.02.2010 Annual Dinner with my worker, Pro-I team

They nothing do to, so they make a nonsense thing to do...
hehe... XD
they speak China laug

This Ray...
He just like a childish~~ Damn dirty~
Childish + Dirty

Ah Leong become a father...
he punish his son, Kyo~
actually they just play play only... hehe... XD

Alex & mE (EsthER)
"Miki, u don't jealous lol, we just take pic lol... hehe... XD"

so blur blur~ haiz~ hehe... XD
me (EsthER) & Kyo

I and my worker~
Pro-I Team (P! Wimax)

i take picture with my boss, John John
Do you think he is handsome? hehe... XD
me (Esther) & my boss (John John)

Miki hand injury~
I (EsthER) & Miki

Got a bit Blur... **sign
Kay, Me (EsthER) & Ah Leong (King)

SO Sweet lel? two for us... hehe... XD
Me (EsthER) & Ah Leong (King)

Kenny lol~

don't think too much~
i and he nothing, just friend only~ hehe... XD
Kenny & I (EsthER)

actually u all should give this present!
haiz~ never mind, this present give to my boss~
Ah Leong (King), Alex & me (EsthER)

this man is my friend, Alex~

February 2, 2010

♥ Bout Me, EsthER ♥

About Me's
Name: EsthER Cheong Pooi Kei
Nick Name: EsthER & Kei kEI
Age: 17 years old (2010)
Date Of Birth: 13 Jualy 1993
Place Of Birth: Singapore
Star Sign: Cancer
Live: Cheras, K.l
School: S.M.K Perimbun
Form: 5 Mua
Ambition: Arctics Make Up (Cosmetic)
Msn, Facebook & Email: keikei_esther707@hotmail.com
Friendster STOP playing ready...

Make Up (Cosmetic)
Hang Out With Friends or Go Shopping
Chat With Friends
Find A New Friends (Who I like)
Listen To Music
See Fashion Magazine & Make Up Magazine
SPA & Sauna

Favorite Eats
Basket Robbin (Ice-cream)
Japanese Foods
Cheese Cakes or High Class Cakes

People Annoying Me
Disturb Me
Hate People Said My Thing's (Think 1st then only said me)
Said Me That I Take Picture Without Wearing Clothes (But you also did it)
Hate They Simply Said Me But Don't Any Proof
Hate They Said My Family Things
Hate L.C
Hate Childish
Hate Teachers, Who Don't Know Teach Students
Hate To Study Nonsense Subject
(Example: Sejarah, Sivik, P. Jasmani & A lot)

Favorite Country's
Seoul, South Korean
Tokyo, Japanese
Hong Kong
United American State

Favorite Band's
FT Island
After School
Black Stone (NANA)

My Wish's
Hope Become Famous
Hope Get A Good Job Cosmetic
Hope To Get A Truth Love
Hope My Family Healthy
Hope Get A Good Result For SPM (2010)