August 31, 2010

I Miss You So Much!!

I keep missing him!!
i wish i could see him again and again~
i already didnt see him almost a week! my re-action are getting worst!

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did u know that i miss-ing u so much?

i everyday keep thinking this question!
Do u Love me?
Do u Like me?
Do u Miss me?
Do u Hate me?

and how long could we together?

August 27, 2010

I dont want to break~!

i already quite sad! damn sad!
why my family like this? why i should like this?
i really sad-ing!! i dont know what should i do...

i damn loving my boy~
even we just only couple few weeks only... T^T

who can teach me??
i really dont want break... really really really dont want break!!
i know he already tired bout me~
he already didnt sleep 3 days or more then that! 
and help me too many!!
i didnt ask him to help me and care bout me... 

why he doing like this?
why love should be like this?

who can tell me WHY?

i'm Fucking SAD now~
i really wanna find the reason out...

because he's bad guy?
because he dont have any future?
because he not good at all?
because he cant give me a happiness life?

that not a good reason!!
that not a reason... i cant accept that reason...!!
it really cant accept it~

who can tell me?
what should i do now?
who can teach me?

August 21, 2010

♥ Update Blog

Already so long i didnt update my blog~ ><
quite busy, tired and a lot problems!
so i been less online now~
until i keep sick so many day...
i hate my body weakness~
i hate my self~!
i hate hold my things... 

New Picture~

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Picture 3 

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Picture 7 

i already sick-ing~
yesterday i stomachache, may be ate wrong thing..
until i cant sleep well till i sick~
so awful and terrible... ><
now i scare sick already!! damn scared~ T^T

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