September 11, 2010

Bub-bye to My BetBet friends~ ♥

say goodbye to my friends, Vaaner KahLoong and his cousin brother, Wayne Loon
cause they going to Singapore work as duck!!
haha... just kidding~

Vaaner KahLoong 

Wayne Loon 

i just wanna tell them, dont miss me so much~ 
and dont give other guy bullying u...
just only me can bully u... hehe... xD
take care!
drink more more more water~ 

September 7, 2010

Love never be wrong!!

i wish i could say to u again!
i just want u happy always!
u are not alone...
u still got me~
i want see u smile...
i want u healthy...
no matter what happen, i will stay beside u and support u~
i worry bout u because I Love U

Somebody said in love.
no one is right and no one is wrong.
love is our private happy and wont regret what u choosing who u love.
if we really love that person or choose who u love, u wont care what people saying bout your personality!
future is make by ourself.
we cannot blame people...
love is never wrong.
love is kind, love is patient, love is honest
love not for u all playing and killer,
like hurting people heart~ 
the pain may pause, but it never goes away...
learn what means is happy and sad!
and what means is LOVE?

DREAM what u want to DREAM...
GO where u want to GO...
BE what u to BE...
Because u have only one life and one chance to do all the things u want to do!

dream is a wish,
your heart makes when you're fast asleep...

September 6, 2010

Elaine birthday~ ♥

on September 1, is my friend birthday...
i going her party... with my boy!!
lucky i can see my boy but half day not enough for me to see him.. T^T

Picture 1 
her name is Elaine!!
she pretty, u know? but she already got boy~ hehe... xD
hAPPY biRthdAY~

then we having BBQ over her house
and my friends~ ^^

Picture 1 
he play with my boy~
he is my friend brother, Evon brother 
he also my brother!! ^^

he always curi-curi capture us, i and my boy~ ><

Picture 2 
my friend brother~
he so dirty, OMG~ ^^ hehe... xD

Picture 3 
elaine brother also capture me and my boy!! ><

Picture 4 
time to sing a song to elaine~

after singing, she wish!!
hope her dream come truth... xD

finally, cut the cake~ ^^

Picture 5 
Me, Evon and Juan
my best friends... xD

Picture 6 
Elaine family~

Picture 7 
i look so ugly~ T^T
me, elaine, juan and evon!! friends forever~

Picture 8 
haha... evon brother like to disturb my boy!! ^^
and finally i capture my boy! hehe... XD

Picture 9 
BBO... they keep eat eat only~
haha... xD

then 12 o'clock i going back...
cause tomorrow i got school... xD tired!! ><

September 2, 2010

Having Dinner With My Cousin and My Family

today is national day, 31 august~!
and today my grandma going back to penang...
so my father treat my grandma and my cousin eat at Hulu Langat there...
hehe~~ xD

before going to Hulu Langat Dinner!
i taking my own picture 1st... xD
Picture 1 

Picture 2 

Picture 3 

Picture 4 

after we reach in Hulu Langat there~
they saying me, who am i?
which artist coming?
who pretty girl is me?
they keep saying me and i just keeping laughing only~ ><

after eating finish...
they chit-chat~ and saying bout my problem~!
Picture 1 

Picture 2 
haha... Pig's leg bone!
but i didnt eat... ><

Picture 3 

Picture 4 

Picture 5 
my family... xD

Picture 6 
they chit chat

Picture 7 
my auntie and my uncle
they both is my father sister and brother-in-law

Picture 8 
my family and my cousin~

Picture 9 
hehe... that baby is my son!
haha... just kidding.
that baby is my younger cousin brother
behind them is my father and my brother

Picture 10 

Picture 11 
my auntie want to bite my cousin brother.. T^T

Picture 12 
my beloved auntie~

Picture 13 
after that they saying my boy
haiz~ but i dont mind it!!
cause they caring bout me... and listen they saying!!

Picture 14 
then time to going back home
hehe... before going back home!! T^T
my elder cousin brother and my cousin saying bout me and my boy again and again!
and i wanna to say thank you that u all caring me... ^^

then sweet home~