October 30, 2010

Today is Halloween Day~ ♥

It been long time i didnt update my blog~
haha... lazy to update blog!!!
since i become single...
and many happen to me..!! *sign* 

Let talk my new picture... xD

Picture 1 
Look my sexy leg~ 

Picture 2 
A lot my friends like this photo!
cause look so mature~ 

Picture 3 
I am Vampire~ 
I like Vampire so much!! :D 

Picture 4 
Sexy Vampire :D

Picture 5 
Lovely Vampire!! xD

Picture 6 
I suck your BLOOD~ =)

October 9, 2010

I'm single life now~ ♥

like u see that my facebook change to single~
that is truth
i'm single right now~

but actually become single more freedom!!
any things also can do~ yeah~ ^^

all my friends keep asking me "WHY? Cheer Up!!"
then i said nothing happen~
dont have any reason... just dont have feel each other only~

come come cheer me up
haha... xD

thanks all my friends that caring me
hehe~ xD

October 3, 2010

what a boring day!!

what a suck boring today!! keep online only... *sign*
nothing to do~~
some more 1 month is SPM... 

i havent ready yet... know SPM coming soon but i didnt study!!
haha... my trial exam getting worst~
i scare my result! i hope i can get great in my trial exam... T^T

now i holiday~ cause PMR....
on Wednesday i got exam, 1 paper only perdangangan!!
haiz~~ lazy to study my perdangangan subject!!
it worst my perdangangan teacher, dont know what she teaching!!
or i just can said she doesn't teach our class at all... o0o

let talk my picture now

Picture 1 
i didnt make up and didnt edit~
 did i look like ghost and ugly? xD
yes~ of cause, right?

Picture 2 

Picture 3 
i'm looking old~ T^T

how bout this picture?

Picture 1 
already make up~ hehe... xD

Picture 2 
hey, sexy man~ 
i looking at you!

Picture 3 
did i look mature?

ok then~ ^^
done here...

because later i going out, go pasar malam!!
meet my old friends~ long time didnt meet them~
quite miss-ing them~ T^T

hehe... xD

but i will always MISS you
LOVE you~