May 21, 2010

what mean is love?

love  "" what mean is love?
why we need to love?
who can tell me?

i'm sad because of "love"...
i'm happy beacuse of "Love"...
i'm endure because of "love"...
i do everything because of "Love
what else again?

why some of people think "no Make Love no Love" or "no Money no Love"?
or... "no Handsome/Pretty no Love"? etc...
why can't we just have honestly couple? 
i already try before~ last time i was thinking play only!
now i'm different already~
i'm not like last time!
i already mature... 50% per 50%
no more thinking childish~ no more childish too!I Hate Childish
could i find i love some one, i had before?JUST LEAVE ME ALONE

May 10, 2010

♥❤♥ New Picture ♥❤♥

Didn't Edit Picture! i still got a lot picture... but i just take some picture and put here only! >.<

Picture 1 

Picture 2 

Picture 3 

Picture 4 

Picture 5 

Picture 6 

Picture 7 

now turn Already Edit Picture! ^^

Picture 1 

Picture 2 

Picture 3 

Picture 4 

Picture 5 

Picture 6 

Picture 7 

♥❤♥ Love Vampire And Blue Rose ♥❤♥

Sweet Memories... with my friends! ♥

On 8/05/2010
wOw hOO~
finally i can go leisure man see my IP Man 2 movie~
 then i and friends go Wong Kok eat before going to cinema!
in the same time my friends, Alex friend birthday... i don't know his name ready! >.<

Picture 1
ottering food~ dun know which food good!
EsthER (me), Sim Sim & Miki

Picture 2
they busy ottering food! my friend, Pui San keep playing phone only~ haiz...
Sim Sim, Miki & Pui San

Picture 3
my friends... Alex & his friend, ??? (haha... i forget his name ready)
today is Alex friend birthday~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA
Alex like to bully me... T.T
Alex friend & Alex

Picture 4
my friends come ready~ sweet couple come ready! hehe... XD
Siok Yien & Ah Sing

Picture 5
They keep eating only~ only i didnt eat!
cause at home already ate~ >.<
Sim Sim spaghetti don't have taste want... miki and pui san don't know what they doing!
Sim Sim, Miki & Pui San

they know eating only~ haiz~~ XD
Miki, Pui San, Siok Yien & Ah Sing

Picture 6
"miki... who u taking to?" haha... XD busy on phone!
"pui san... who u looking at?" haha.. sure got handsome boy over there
Miki & Pui San

none stop taking to hand phone~
Sim Sim & Miki

Picture 7
T.T i waiting my friend, Candy Cheong~
she haven't come... cause she already wake up late... haiz~ XD

then time up we going to see movie! i keep worry Candy~
still haven't come
4 people sitting normal sit~ 6 people sitting couple sit! hehe... XD
Ip Man 2 movie damn funny and nice~ it's best then Iron Man 2

after seeing finish IP Man
lady going to toilet~

Picture 8
hehe... is me

Me & Candy

don't know what they talking about~ haha... XD
Siok Yein, Miki & Candy

Siok Yein make up.. cannot disturb her! XD later she angry!!

then we all talking picture again!
i didn't pose it~ i didn't take from them~
Siok Yein & her Bf wanna go home prepare for going to Genting Highland~
after that they decide going to Secret Recipe ate cake~

Picture 9
at Secret Recipe... Look so YUMMY those cake!
some more so expensive~ >.<

LoOk so delicious! i keep eating only~ haha... XD
cause this cake was so expensive and delicious too!
some more i & Candy ate wrong cake~ OMG! so paiseh oo~ haha

Picture 10 
did they look like old?
actually they are not~ Alex just only 17 years old, then his friend sure.... not!
Alex & His Friend

then we all going back home!
♥ sweet home~

On 9/05/2010

today i went to Time Square with my family~
some more today is Mother Day~ haiz~~~
no mother to celebrate! but never mind i still got my daddy to celebrate
my daddy bought me a dress for me~ i so happy! cause that dress also leopard skin~
actually my father want go cinema see IP Man 2 movie...
but my brother not enough age to see! T.T
i though i can see again! haiz~

May 8, 2010

My School Life

On 7/05/2010
So boring at school~
cause today a lot teachers didn't come~
may be teacher got something meeting some where else~
so i and my friends go to ERT class and do our work or something else!
after we do our homework finish... we take picture. DAMN Funny lol & DAMN Happy lol!

Picture 1 
My Self~ I still wearing School Shirt! T.T

Picture 2 
with my friends~ 4 lady... haha! XD
EsthER (Me), Zoey, Rachel & Siok Yein~ XD

Siok Yein, Esther (me), Zoey & Rachel

cannot see ar~ my leg!! XD
Zoey, Rachel, EsthER (me) & Siok Yien

Picture 3 
Zoey & EsthER (me)
LOOK! we sleepping our school bed... haha!

Picture 4 
"Zoey & Rachel! u class mana, huh? belah~ haha..."
they eating in front me... i'm so hungry lol~ T.T

she keep eating only... none stop! haiz... later become more fat!
hehe... XD

Picture 5 
Zoey & Rachel... "Leng Lui lel?" keke... XD

Picture 6 
I & Siok Yein~ hehe... is my turn lol! blek~

Picture 7 
Now 3 of us ready~
Rachel act kawaii... i & Zoey act stupid face... haha... XD

AHH~ so BLUR... Xd
Rachel, EsthER (me) & Zoey....

EsthER (Me), Siok Yein & Zoey...

Pcture 8 
hehe... got 2 leng lui here lel! is me & rachel lol~ haha... XD

Picture 9 
Siok Yien & Rachel... XD
wOw~ ah moi sangat cantik~

Picture 10 
sangat bising lal! diam diam la wei~
Siok Yien & EsthER (me)

Zoey & Rachel ask you to shut up!

Picture 11 
we cooking lol~ ahaha...
do you want do try? haha... no need to scared!
Rachel & EsthER (me)

feel like wanna kill people and eat you! AHAHAHA~~~
Siok Yein, EsthER (me) & Zoey

Siok Yien, Rachel & Zoey

after we capture! we feel so happy~
after that Zoey realize that her money lose~
Oh, My God~
then we help Zoey find her money... can't found! Haiz~
then she know that malay steal her money~ SOHAI..