November 22, 2010

Finally SPM coming now!!!

Finally SPM coming~
I feel stress now~ may be havent ready yet~!!!
some more yesterday until now still havent sleep... DAMN TIRED!!!
OH MY GOD!!! some more I not feeling well~ *sign*

Tomorrow is Bahasa Melayu, Paper 1 and 2!!
Damn long the time... Paper 1 is 8.00am until 10.15am 
Paper 2 is 2.00pm until 4.30pm

I hope I can pass!!
Wish me good luck ya~ 

Picture 1 
My face become worst already!
didnt care it... T^T

Picture 2 
my face really look weird already! 

Picture 3 
keep study didnt care it until my face got pimple~ T^T
DAMN damage my face... =(

now continue study back!! T^T

I really become NERD GIRL! haha
go shopping also bring book and study... ><


November 13, 2010

Yesterday I having a Fun with them!! xD

Before prepare going out... take picture 1st~ xD

Yesterday I go find Mr.Arthur Wilton William, his name too long!!
OH MY GOD! Now his name is Mr.Pig, I help him change his name!
haha... xD and with his friends too at Petaling Jaya there, SS2

I having a tea with Iivy, Mr.Pig and his friend (dont know his friends name, sorry)!
 hehe... they keep making me laugh...
I keep laughing like crazy girl... haha... xD
none stop I laughing~ then I and Iivy over night their's house! 
then i sleep with Mr.Pig and his bed, his bed so smelly
OH MY GOD!!! I really cant stand that smelly! haha... just kidding~

Let talk picture... xD

I go His house... caller Mr.Pig!
haha... I like this pic so much~ cause hot dog lip!! ahahahaha... :D

Picture 1 
Look!!! his hot dog lip!! hahahaha... xD
he so cute, right? hehe... xD

Picture 2 
OH MY GOD!! what they doing? 
 this picture so blur! xD

Picture 3 
Mr.Pig's friend from Korean... he learning to speak chinese!
haha... i keep laughing when he speaking chinese... none stop i laugh!

Picture 4 
What they doing? why iivy use blanker cover her whole body?
OH MY GOD! XD haha... :)

Picture 5 
Mr.Pig!! you dont make she scare of you!! 
yer~ mr.pig so bad bad! haha

Picture 6 
actually he handsome boy! but he dont know fashion, i think!
he so funny~ keep saying he style... xD

Picture 7 
hahahahaha... stupid face! xD

Picture 8 
Look his hair! like "sohai"... ahaha... xD
crazy hair!! xD

Picture 9 
new hair design! haha...
mr.pig hair nice, right? haha

Picture 10 
who bully Mr.pig?? he crying~

after that we sleep at 6 am... woke up at 8 am!
cause going back home~ before going back to cheras, many place also traffic jam!
OH MY GOD! it really kill me... :(
 8.30 am start going back, 10.30 am only reach my house... shit!

then only sweet home~ 
yesterday and today whole day stay at home and sleep, didnt go any where...
be a good girl this time... stay at home! hehe...

still got 1 week... OH MY GOD!
it really OH MY GOD~ cause SPM is coming~ T^T
haiz~ wont able going out until SPM finish!
stay at home study!

Fighting~ :D
wish me good luck~ xD

November 11, 2010

I cry in cinema!!

before we going to Pasar Malam!
we go cinema 1st and watch movie...
It call LOVE CUTS, Singapore Movie~! it make me cry too much until my face red!!! T^T
This movie are meaningful... i keep crying none stop~ ><

 and this is my 1st time I crying in cinema...!!! it really touching... :(

see the LOVE CUTS trailer 

Picture 1 
Look my picture after cinema... T^T
my eye's so red!!

Picture 2 
I keep crying none stop! feel wanna cry again!

Picture 3 
whole my face are red! many people looking at me... haha
going to pasar malam, taman connaught!! ><

after that my eye damn pain!
haha... but i keep walking... and i saw a lot my friends!

I want go buy "Busuk Tau fu" and eat!
it delicious but so smelly...
hehe... xD my time I ate "Busuk Tau Fu"

after that sweet home~ 

November 10, 2010

Try to Happy with my friends!!

I try to be happy!!
 and hang out with my friends~ ^^

Try wont be a Emo girl and be a Happiness girl~ ^^

Let talk My Picture~
hehe... xD

haha... i go Iivy's house and we having a make love!!
she cute is it? haha... xD

Picture 1
  I with IIvy~
we having make love! haha... xD
and she taking towel to prepare make love!! haha... xD

Picture 2
I, EsthER and Iivy~

Picture 3
she so cute... love her so much~

Picture 4
look my face? look so funny, feel wanna to eat to her!!
haha... yummy~ ><

 Picture 5
I dont know why she taking towel!! i think she scare~ 
haha... let come~ we go make love! hoho... xD

later night we go pasar malam, Taman Connaught!
haha... who want join us?

November 9, 2010

I trying!!! I trying!!! I trying!!! :(

I trying to be happy!
I trying everything that I can forget you~

I think, it so difficult to me!

Every time I awake, I sure will sad...
Every time I do the movement, I sure will remember you!!! :(

I might to stop to thinking you but I wont forget you!
I can love you forever but I cant get your heart forever~

Did you know, why I want to make tattoo blue rose?
because I can feel it, blue rose are so lovely and sadness~
I dont know why I can feel like that!!
it make me so special to Blue Rose... just like vampire!!

I know you wont forgive me forever!
I just can tell you,
I really really do love you~!

I wish I could heard from you that you also still loving me!
It make me happy, if I cant get you~

I just hope you can forgive me...
and share my mind to you...
how suffer you did to me?
how pain you do to me?
how much I love you?

I just need somebody to love!
I dont need any things else...

Listen to this song!!!

November 8, 2010

I aint happy happy at all!!

This few day i not happy at all!
and i try to make happiness life but i cant do it,
even you saw my smiling..
that true!!!

I try to forget you!
but i cant do it...

I want to remove my pain...
I want to delete my memories sadness...
but it so difficult

I want to STOP it to forget you!!
but I really cant do that, cause all the past memories had I and you Happiness life

I choose to regretful that I aint honestly love you!!
How dumb am I?

I thought I can forget you...
because of you...
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, it make me cant forget you!!! =(

Even I couple so many guys, but they cant replace your place!
did you know how sad I am?
can you feel my heart pain?

Please let me to forget you!
Please leave me alone!
Please dont make me sad again!

I love you but I cant get you!!!
I miss you but I cant reach the message to you!!!
I hate you but I cant do it yo you!!!

and I will try my best to love someone like i did to you!!

and I can make it right...

Sometimes we make mistakes...
Sometimes you feel like a broken angel on the ground
we aint perfect
cause we're young!