January 31, 2010

S.A.D because my handphone~!

today i damn S.A.D
my hand phone!
i put my my hand phone in my father room on the table...
cause i play computer in my father room...
and i forget to bring my hand phone when i get out from my father room...
so my daddy go his room and saw my hand phone
and check my hand phone...

and he check my message...
LUCKILY~ he didnt check my profile in my hand phone!
if not, i will be going to die... cause a lot PRIVACY in my hand phone...
my friend also cannot open and see...
if my father check, i will not in this world again~ T.T
why a lot uncle and aunt need to know what they doing?

we already grown up and be come an adult or teenage
if you not BELIEVE, better you dont ask..
you also not going to believe me... for what you asking me!
keep asking will make you more angry~
and don't simply said... think 1st then only said me~
i really tell the truth, you not believe...
4 words to me!!
none of my business~
or none of your business~
i know you care about me...
if you care about me, at least you should believe me ONCE!
just one time, enough to me~

January 26, 2010

MSN with Jia Han

today my friends said got fight~ but didnt fight also~
so today nothing happen...

after go back school... i on my msn...
i chat with jia han... damn funny~ hehe...
cause we draw people face..
i face draw jia han face... and jia han draw my face~

January 17, 2010

Wanna to understand him more...

you're the one is my lover...
i can act a complete idiot with you...
and No Matter How you will stand there laughing with me...

you're the one is my lover that i can completely mad at all...
and then having you stand there with a funny face...
completely ignoring the fact that i'm mad at you,
and just burst out laughing.

you're the one is my lover that i can trust u Everything
there isn't a thing in the world i would doubt
telling you about because i Trust you with my Whole heart.

you're the one is my lover that has been through Rough times with me
and we still come out standing Strong.

you're the one is my lover that i would run to if in trouble.

you're the one is my lover that has always Tried to help me out.

The time wasted...
i love you like running water and fire!
no one can replace...

in the way i'm glad...
the pain is my only reminder that he was real...
and i just want to UNDERSTAND you more!!


January 16, 2010

15/01/2010 is a history~

like a normally going to school, nothing happen~
hehe... XD

in 9 o'clock some thing... my classmate sok k in class...
look in this pic~ look like he sleeping, right?
but it was sok k~~~ they suck on the table~ hehe... XD
(don't copy, they sok k)

look my class.... less student~
hehe... all also study hard... cause this year is form 5 and taking SPM...
so any one also study hard... hehe XD

after school i go leisure mall...
go find my silly friends... actually i go there is buying my thing...
then i saw my old friend, evon and her bf...
so we talk for awhile only... cause they dating~!
so i don't want become sport light... hehe... XD
wish them happiness~

look this pic, is my silly friend, kyo~

and this is hamsap leong~ he keep talking about Juan Juan~
AAAhh~~ he very annoying and he make me headache.... haiz~~~
who call my friend, Juan so pretty? hehe... XD

before eating McDonald... got police catch thief in leisure mall...
don't know what happen police catch the thief... hehe... XD
that policeman also cant catch thief~ stupid!! if i is him i sure will catch that thief~
hehe... XD

lOOk!! i eat McDonald ~~
yummy yummy... hehe... i share with my friend, kyo~
hehe... XD

hehe... XD~~
bub-bye... muackss....
to be continues~

January 10, 2010

♥ just upload new picture!!

** Already Edit♥

** Havent Edit ♥

January 6, 2010

how can it be real?

I'm bored going school~
the school is suck~
my life being suck... nothing to do!
4/01/2010, is my 1st day going school~
i awakened in the near dark and i going to school...
and the weather are no good, kept rain and rain and rain until i so cool!
i cant image that i already from 5!
time is so fast~ i don't want take SPM~
i feel scared... what will be happen when i taking SPM?
go school, go tuition, go school, go tuition, go school and go tuition
very thing is book and study
all i feel is bored, all is suck!
why my life being so suck? who can teach me? *sign~
5/01/2010, is my 2ND day
in that day, i didn't going school~ feel lazy
and tired~
almost going to die, i cant wake up at all~ T.T
6/01/2010, is my 3rd day, i going back to school
12.00 am i going to slept... i wake in 5.30 am!
feel wanna sleep back~ lazy to going school~
suddenly i feel i want the time past quickly and i wanna be come 18 years old
cause i can do, whatever i want~
and i wanna go oversea and study my academy make up stuff
that is my future~
can i know when was it?
when is good choice?
when is my lucky?
when is my good days?
when is my good times?
when is my good years?
how can it be real?

January 3, 2010

31/12/09 ♥Count Down Picture Outside S.Wang!♥ XD

Elaine & King (Ah Leong)

Juan & King (Ah Leong)

Kelvin (My 3rd Bro), Kenny, Juan & King (Ah Leong)

Me (EsthER) & Kenny
King (Ah Leong) & Me (EsthER)
Kelvin (my 3rd bro) & Me (EsthER)
Kyo, Me (EsthER) & Kenny

kyo & kenny~

my hair wet jor~
my friends also hair wet~
hehe... XD

scared they spray to us!
hehe...~ XD
My Friends~

I and My Friends~ YEAH~~ hehe

Have a nice day~

to all my friends~ XD

January 1, 2010

this year is..... 2010! already 2010~

hehe... it already 2010!
and this year i taking spm and car lesen...
cham lol~ need to study hard already~
no time going to shopping already...
i think so~ XD
i got good new and bad new~

good new is: i already 17 years old~
bad new is: i already old 1 years~
hehe~ XD

i very scared bout my spm and my study~
i need to keep it up~ T.T
must very tired, always go school and tuition!
i feel i dont want study ready!
i feel wanna study comestic things!
comestic is my subject! hehe... XD
any where keep moving forward!
hehe... XD
♥ SAid GOOd BYE tO 2009 ♥
♥ SAid hARlO tO 2010!♥
♥ fORGEt AbOUt thE PASt!♥

31.12.2009, Count Down 2009

9.00 am
i wake up 9 o'clock in the morning
i don't why!
may be cant wait or to happy ready...
hehe~ XD
so i ask my daddy "can i go count down?"
my dad said "no!!"
i thought i cant go ready...
so i keep silents and just a laugh word~
and then my daddy said again "what time you come back?"
so i answer him back "12 something!"
lucky my daddy let me go... if not, i will dead!
hehe... just kidding~ XD
and my daddy give me vitamin m (money $$) too!
i got vitamin m lol~ so i can buy something to eat!
12.00 am
i starting make up!
make up until 12.30
look those are my make up things~
hehe~ MAKE UP also my life too!
i go without you~ T.T
hehe... XD
1.00 pm
something like that i go to bus stop!and going to leisure mall~
so i wait miki come...
finally miki came...
suddenly miki said she "don't want go cause so boring very year go there!"
then i also don't choice!
miki go her friend house open party...
and i go time square...
3.00 pm
i reach to time square...
and i go find my friend shop, elaine...
in 3rd floor...
after that i wait my friends comes...
something like 3.00 pm, i think so
then only they coming~
so we going to snooker, and i see they playing! kyo and alex~
almost coming to be come 2010!
and new years, new day and new smiles! hehe.. XD
elaine, me (EsthER) and juan~
elaine, me and juanwe going to count down... yeah!!
11.00 pm
we going out side... s.wang out side...
and they starting spray people~ hehe~
damn funny~ hehe~ XD
i forget take pic.. how come i so noob lel? didn't take pic.. hehe!
i hate Malay boys, always take the spray and spray into breast!
mother fucker~ haiz~
who spray our team, and we attack back! hehe
our them also got less then 20 people! also P1 Wimax team, Pro-I Marketing
and the spray got 100++ also no more ready! so fast finish! XD
i keep shouting until my neck so pain~
i shout with friends
kyo said "macam orang gila!" hehe.. XD
12.00 am
is a 2010... yeah!!
i will miss you, 2009! and i will forget you, 2009!
happy new year every one!
i pray for you, wishing you and family stay happiness, healthy
and peaceful in life.
forget about the past and keep moving
happy new year 2010!
i miss them! i tak sampai hati balik rumah...
and we hug each other.. i feel wanna cry! XD
i hope they happy forever!
1.00 am
we going back! hehe!
damn tired... until my leg like burning and pain~
-th3 End-

GOOD BYE To 2009, SAID HI To 2010

hAPPY new year ya!!
jUSt WANt tO SAid GOOdbYE tO 2009...
ANd hERE comes thE 2010 fROM SkY~
i pray fOR you,
WiShiNG you ANd fAMilY StAY hAPPiNESS,
hEAlthY ANd PEACEfUl iN lifE...
hAVE a fRUitfUl year AhEAd....
i will miss you all~
good bye my 2009
i will forget that unhappy for me!