December 8, 2010

Going shopping at The Mines ♥

today is my second last day!
8.00am is perdangangan paper 1 but I come out at 8.30am
then 10.00 am is perdangangan paper 2, after that I come out at 10.30 am..
damn early I come out. hehe... xD

after Perdangangan paper 2, we all go out play and go shopping at The Mines.
hehe... The Mines nothing to play and boring place.
but we take a lot of picture~ xD

let take picture :D
I lazy to said it so long... xD

Picture 1 
At The Mines Shopping Mall
in toilet... haha

Picture 2 
she pretty a not?
she look so mature~ :D

Picture 3 
she is my best friend, Siok Yien! ^^

Picture 4 
did I look fat? ><

Picture 5 
YES!! I'm looking fat now T^T
I need to keep fit already~ :(

Picture 6 
hehe... I wanna kiss you~

Picture 7 
She so thin and pretty!

Picture 8 
haha... "Piranha Fish" 

Picture 9 
guess who is them? haha

Picture 10 
I love Her so much~ 
she is my best friend ever~ 

Picture 11 
OH My God!!
we become spotlight already... haha... xD
happy always ya, my little best friend.
I always stay beside you 

three of us.. 
best friends forever! xD

after that we all damn tired!
and my eye so pain and damn red~ =(
shit.. :( some more heavy rain!!
lucky i reach at home already. haha


now stay at home relax..
my eye still pain and damn red!

I need to sleep now and date with my bed! miss my bed now~ 

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